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3, 2, 1…Charge!

I’m happy with this past week! Weigh in day is tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’m happy with that 🙂 … So here’s the scoop:

grass jelly (drink form)

This week I did yoga a couple times, bought Wii Fit & exercised with it, made some meals at home, bought materials to grow an herb garden, tried a new restaurant (Vietnamese), tried a new food (grass jelly!), and saw a movie at a theatre (Star Wars in 3D)… (in case you’re new to my blog, all that’s on my resolution list to the right)… 

Today I cut my hair because it was getting too long and annoying..obviously this is a post of random sentences that barely relate to each other. 

Weight Watchers is going really well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for SOME kind of loss tomorrow. My writing/work is going better. I’ve woken up a few times this week with LOTS of energy, which is really rare.

I’ve been drinking a ton of water, decreasing the sodium, and adding more fruit. It turns out I’m anemic so I started taking this nasty tasting prenatal vitamins because it’s the only multivitamin with iron in it. I felt markedly better within a day.

This week my goal is to stare down the spine of Wii Fit and kick its butt a little. I’d like it to warm up so I can start jogging outside again.  Pretty soon I’ll start looking for a 5k!


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bad grocery budget – eek!

Well – I definitely have an overspending problem. I LOVE – I’ve been using it to track my budgets for a couple months now. Somehow I spent over $1000 last month between groceries and restaurants. Bad, bad, bad, bad (this is me smacking my hands)…  Last time I checked, I’m a grad student with a budget of zero. Eek. That’s all for now 🙂

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89, 92, owls, stars, evil laptops, and metabolic catastrophe! :)

I can cross off #89 and add another notch to #92! This past weekend I went camping as I hosted a weekend-long workshop related to my research. For the first time ever, I slept under the stars without a tent, which is something I’ve always wanted to do! I bought a double-height air mattress, got myself nice and comfortable with plenty of blankets, and put it in an open field where I was holding the workshop. It was so lovely falling asleep to the very near sounds of owls and there was a little bit of an adrenaline rush since the area is crawling with black bears. I really, really enjoyed it! I can’t wait for the opportunity to present itself again. I know it’s a small little feat, but I think it’s really nice to put yourself in situations where you’re just a wee bit scared once in a while. It made me feel pretty alive, and I needed that.

Today I looked at my laptop after having not touched it (or my phone) since Thursday and the first thought that came to mind is that my laptop is the seed of all that is evil! Okay not really but… it’s the source of so much stress for me! It symbolizes work, meetings, responsibilities, unfinished writings and assignments, students, and tons of unfinished lists… it was actually slightly painful to open it up. When I got home last night, I put it on my bed and just stared at it for about a half hour before opening it up. Once I did, I couldn’t get my network connection to work so I took it as a sign that I needed until today to be technology-free.

I was SURE I’d lose weight this week, especially after this weekend because I worked my butt off… but sure enough, I gained two pounds! How the hell do I join weight watchers and gain 2 pounds during the first week WHILE spending the last four days of the week camping and eating healthy veggies and meats roasted over a bonfire!? Sheesh. My body hates me. Obviously my metabolism needs a major reroute.


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Confession: It’s the end of January and there are so many times this week I’ve wanted to give up.  This is not good. Let’s review the month of January and figure out a plan… I promised myself I could do this.

I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m 5 pounds behind. On top of it, I’m bloated as hell and feel like I’m carrying another thirty pounds of salted water weight around right now – it’s not good for the morale.  This past week, my lower back started hurting quite a bit. I’ve never had that happen before. I think it’s because of the extra weight I’m carrying and that’s pretty demoralizing. I’ve also noticed that my body is changing – I feel fat popping up on my lower back where it never has before. How can I be losing weight if it’s shifting around? It’s making me really self conscious. Is this just one of those bodily changes that happens as you age? My lower back hurts, I have back fat, and oh yeah – I’ve been VERY stiff every morning for the past couple weeks. What is THAT about? That’s definitely new.  There are other physical things going on, too. I’m trying to grow my hair out right now (from being SUPER short), and it’s in a really awkward stage where I can’t quite put it up, but it just sort of hangs there looking like a mullet-meets-mother-brady. It’s not doing anything to conform to my double chin, that’s for sure.  On top of it all, there have been several days where I’ve missed my anxiety meds and it shows. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but a lot of my weight gain was from hopping on the anxiety med wagon. I think it screws horribly with my metabolism when I forget to take them for a few days (especially since they’re SSRI)…

I’ve been doing absolutely horrible on the exercise wagon.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can laziness be a disease?  How can I take small steps toward doing better? I don’t work well with “tough love”… that only makes me retreat further into a black hole. I decided against doing Weight Watchers even though I have a friend who started it today. I don’t even know why I’m giving up on it – I just feel like it’s something else I’ll promise myself and end up disappointed about when I fail at it – again.

Right now school/work is horribly stressful, as so many deadlines are coming up. I am finding myself stress/emotionally eating like there’s no tomorrow. I see no end in sight for this at least until the end of May, assuming I can get everything finished.

Okay so there’s been a bit of negativity on this post. I did accomplish a few of things in January. So many of the items on my list are yearly cumulative, so I can’t really cross them off at all, though I have started putting a monthly tally next to those where  it makes sense to do so. I’ve broken a few promises to myself already, so I can’t break the one of getting through the list this year, even if it means the numbers don’t match up… but… I can’t give up  – not yet.

This will be my 20th post… at least I should beat that number.


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Adios 2 pounds!

Happy Sunday! I had a 2 pound loss this week, AND tomorrow I’m restarting WW!  Short post tonight – sooo sleepy!


(p.s. Pics coming soon – fo’ real)

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Crossing Stuff off the List is Awesome

Hey there! So… I’m glad I didn’t make a resolution to post every single day. 100 posts during the year is something I can do, but I’m just not good at posting every day. Glad I pre-empted that! Meanwhile over here in crazy-overwhelmed-land, I’ve been crazy and overwhelmed. For full discretion, I should probably reveal that I’m in graduate school and in a very intense writing/teaching stage, so maybe that will help to justify my lack of posting – at least some of it.

BUT – Just because I’m not posting every day doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up with my list! I have a few things to cross off tonight, and I’m always excited when I do that…

I DID lose weight last week, though not as much as I wanted. I bought a Wii. I bought a flight to the Dominican. I read another book (2000 Years of Mayan Literature), I’ve made some meals at home, I ate at a new restaurant, I’ve been translating some French sources, I completed a home decor project, and I gave more stuff to Goodwill.  ALSO – I’m pretty proud about eating well this week so far. I decided to re-join weight watchers. I really do well with the points system. The last time I lost a bunch of weight, it was because of that.


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eensy weensy update

I’m looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow – I hope I meet my goal (see previous affirmations post), but as long as I have a loss I’ll be happy. I’ve been trying hard this week. I didn’t realize how much happens in my life that gets in the way of these goals, and it’s only January. I’m grateful for the ability to learn along the way.  This is probably the busiest I’ve ever been before, yet I’m finding plenty of time to incorporate my goals into social time with friends by choosing what we do based on the list – for example, I’ve now painted two canvasses and I’m really happy with how they turned out. I bought a “how to” oil paint book, too – I have no talent whatsoever, but I really enjoy doing it.  ALSO – I’m buying my ticket to the Dominican Republic this week (for mid-March). If anyone has any travel tips for visiting there, let me know! I started planning my trip to India but I’m really weary – I don’t feel safe going alone (I’ve never been), and I can’t find anyone who has the money to tag along. It needs to be done, though.

I’ve also been enjoying organizing my home. Over the next few weeks I’m hosting quite a few events at the house, so everything needs to be clean and organized. Confession: I love it when I have stuff at the house simply because it forces me to keep things neat. If I never had anyone over, the place would be a disaster!

I have two weeks to write a 100+ page document, so if I’m not posting every day, be assured that I’m trying my best to stay on plan. I know I’ve started off rocky, but know also that I’ve never been a ‘cold turkey’ kind of person. If I “step it up” every week just a little bit, I know I’ll be successful. I have to think hard about this coming week’s affirmations. Tomorrow I’ll let everyone know how I did for this week’s! 🙂


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