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3, 2, 1…Charge!

I’m happy with this past week! Weigh in day is tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’m happy with that ūüôā … So here’s the scoop:

grass jelly (drink form)

This week I did yoga a couple times, bought Wii Fit & exercised with it, made some meals at home, bought materials to grow an herb garden, tried a new restaurant (Vietnamese), tried a new food (grass jelly!), and saw a movie at a theatre (Star Wars in 3D)… (in case you’re new to my blog, all that’s on my resolution list to the right)…¬†

Today I cut my hair because it was getting too long and annoying..obviously this is a post of random sentences that barely relate to each other. 

Weight Watchers is going really well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for SOME kind of loss tomorrow. My writing/work is going better. I’ve woken up a few times this week with LOTS of energy, which is really rare.

I’ve been drinking a ton of water, decreasing the sodium, and adding more fruit. It turns out I’m anemic so I started taking this nasty tasting prenatal vitamins because it’s the only multivitamin with iron in it. I felt markedly better within a day.

This week my goal is to stare down the spine of Wii Fit and kick its butt a little. I’d like it to warm up so I can start jogging outside again. ¬†Pretty soon I’ll start looking for a 5k!


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eensy weensy update

I’m looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow – I hope I meet my goal (see previous affirmations post), but as long as I have a loss I’ll be happy. I’ve been trying hard this week. I didn’t realize how much happens in my life that gets in the way of these goals, and it’s only January. I’m grateful for the ability to learn along the way. ¬†This is probably the busiest I’ve ever been before, yet I’m finding plenty of time to incorporate my goals into social time with friends by choosing what we do based on the list – for example, I’ve now painted two canvasses and I’m really happy with how they turned out. I bought a “how to” oil paint book, too – I have no talent whatsoever, but I really enjoy doing it. ¬†ALSO – I’m buying my ticket to the Dominican Republic this week (for mid-March). If anyone has any travel tips for visiting there, let me know! I started planning my trip to India but I’m really weary – I don’t feel safe going alone (I’ve never been), and I can’t find anyone who has the money to tag along. It needs to be done, though.

I’ve also been enjoying organizing my home. Over the next few weeks I’m hosting quite a few events at the house, so everything needs to be clean and organized. Confession: I love it when I have stuff at the house simply because it forces me to keep things neat. If I never had anyone over, the place would be a disaster!

I have two weeks to write a 100+ page document, so if I’m not posting every day, be assured that I’m trying my best to stay on plan. I know I’ve started off rocky, but know also that I’ve never been a ‘cold turkey’ kind of person. If I “step it up” every week just a little bit, I know I’ll be successful. I have to think hard about this coming week’s affirmations. Tomorrow I’ll let everyone know how I did for this week’s! ūüôā


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Today’s Food Diary

Food Diary: 

  • Breakfast: half-caf coffee, glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: leftover mardi gras pasta (homemade – 2 servings), 1 cup applesauce
  • Dinner: 2 pcs cheese pizza, 2 pcs crazy bread dipped in marinara, 8 wings
  • Snacks: ¬†2 chocolate cupcakes, sierra mist


I need a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself. These food diaries have made me realize that 80+% of what I eat is either sweet or fried. When did this happen? A few years ago I was vegetarian, then I went vegan, and then I went raw. I never felt better than when I was on a raw diet. I barely ever ate sweets, and when I did it was homemade/dairyless coconut/carob ice cream. ¬†Now it’s like I can’t get enough sweets. I’m not sure when this sudden sweet/fried foods thing happened. Is it possible to be addicted to these things? It’s like I have to unravel my tastebuds, scrape them off, and start introducing them to clean and healthy things all over again.

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Apartment Renovations, Moldy Cheese, Hibernation, Food Tracking Realizations

I hate my house. Okay – I don’t hate it, but I really dislike it. It has no soul whatsoever. I have two bedrooms, an office, a bathroom, a hallway, a kitchen, and a living room ALL with white walls and ugly white linoleum tile flooring. I can’t alter either of those according to my lease. I rented the place two years ago because it has a GREAT yard for my dogs. The dogs track in dirt EVERY day and I’m constantly having to bleach the floors which just look gross – I can never quite get them looking clean. The walls are soulless. I have too much stuff in the house in general. I can’t have nice furniture because I have a husky who likes to gnaw on anything wood and a pit bull who has is oddly neurotic about licking things. But – I’m almost thirty dammit and I want nice things. I NEED cheap decorating ideas. If you have any, let me know. I can post photos of rooms as I go through them. End Rant.

Okay – so. Today was sort of a continuation of yesterday which means lots of wine consumption. I had to run to the store to prep for a birthday party for 6 people that I’m hosting at a friends’ tomorrow night. Naturally this included silly party things and food. I found a great bottle of Merlot and a beautiful chunk of gorgonzola, along with some brie an brioche… so I brought those things to my friends’ house from last night and we worked on our paintings some more while consuming the edibles. ¬†After several hours of discussing the menu for tomorrow night, we went to another grocery and then I came home, realized my house was cold and messy, and decided to hibernate with my laptop and a space heater in the bedroom for the rest of the evening. ¬†Didn’t buy the Wii today because I was so consumed with party prep that I forgot!

Food Diary: 

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of French Toast, syrup
  • Lunch: 1/4 frozen yogurt, 2 bites of a friend’s churro, 8 McD’s chicken nuggets
  • Dinner: None
  • Snacks: ¬†Lots of red wine, a 20 oz. coke, gorgonzola, brie en brioche (2 slices), a few sun dried tomato crackers, a few samples from Costco


  • What a silly day! EVERYTHING up there is bad for me! I could have done SO much better! Ridiculous! This is what happens when I go for a few days without tracking my foods! I AM proud of myself for telling my partner to put the chocolate chip cookies back on the shelf after she put them in our shopping cart this evening… especially because they were buy 1, get 1 free. I don’t think I had ANY water today… and tomorrow’s weigh in day! All that salt/sugar is not going to bode well in the morning!


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Snafu = No More!

I have internet again! Cue regular posts once more! I’m kicking myself for the hang-up! ¬†Okay… so :

Yesterday (Friday) was not the best day to stay on plan. I woke up at 9am after sleeping almost SIXTEEN hours because I hadn’t slept at all for the two days prior. I had a few social eating experiences, which is neither good for my wallet nor my belly. In the evening several friends decided to have a craft night, so I went to Michael’s and bought a blank canvas, some oil paints, and some brushes, and went at it. I had no idea how long it takes those things to dry!! Anyway, I had never painted on a canvas before, nor had I used oils, nor had I ever really drawn anything… so I tried something new, which always makes me happy. I have a bit more to do on it, but I think I’ll post the finished product here. Of course craft night with the girls also means that we consumed several bottles of wine – maybe 7 or 8 between four of us? We were there from 7pm to 3am. Those calories certainly won’t help, either. ¬†BUT… today I’m buying a Wii so I can cross that off my list!

Tomorrow’s weigh-in day number two! I’m anticipating losing a pound or so, but after last night’s debauchery, I’ll be surprised if it’s any more than that. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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-Sleep, +Work

I really do need to work on this sleep thing if I’m going to lose weight. I didn’t go to bed last night because I had too much to do. In other news I’m happily racking up the work hours. I’ve been eating tons more fruit than I did last week, which is awesome, though I seem to have traded that for the exercise I did last week because I haven’t had time. Will this always be a trade off? I have a colleague who carries around a push-up bar with him so that he can take few-minute breaks for fitness. If I didn’t sweat so much, I’d happily run around the building a few times during the day.

I do have some good news: ¬†I’ll be booking flights for the Dominican Republic and the UK over the next few days, I started a new French class, I had a random dulcimer lesson yesterday, I found out the opening day of Wild Adventures, I’m buying my iPad really soon, I got the dates for my H.S. reunion, and submitted some conference abstracts… all of these things are on my list to your right. SO… a lot can happen in a couple of days! I’m pretty excited about those things. ¬†ALSO – I may have snuck a weigh-in yesterday, and according to my scale I’m two pounds down since Sunday… let’s hope it’s not just sodium/water weight and I can keep it off until the official weigh-in for this week on Sunday!



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First sweat of the year! (5)

Today was emotionally draining. That’s the best description I can come up with anyway. Actually it went quite well except I was 15 minutes late to a first class session, which is of course, embarrassing (just to clear up any confusion, I take classes and teach them). Nevertheless, the class went well and I followed it up with a quick lunch with a friend, another course, a long planning meeting which was particularly productive, and a 2.6 mile speed walk around a lake that took a little over an hour (also with friends). I even sweat a little! Then evening came and after dinner at another friend’s house (apparently I was feeling the need to be social?) I went home and the evening blew up into a huge emotionally ¬†drawn out argument with my partner. By 2am we had talked everything out, but gosh I hope this relationship phase ends soon. We’ve been at each others’ throats for a couple months now. ¬†Something’s gotta give.

Thanks for the comments recently. It’s funny – I had a few people (both publicly and privately)¬†comment yesterday about my apparent honesty in these postings. I think it’s important to keep myself accountable for every fallback, even if they might be a bit embarrassing like a few days worth of cupcakes and sloth. The minute I start fudging something is when this experiment is over – it’s when it starts to do me no good at all.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how I keep track of things for myself. I’m a wee bit obsessive-compulsive about time management (even though I’m actually horrible about it) so I keep a chart productivity daily of how many hours I spend per task (I’ve done this for a few years). The tasks on my chart range from sleep to cleaning to facebook to writing to reading to socializing to exercise to teaching, etc etc etc… Notice I keep sleep in there. It’s important for me to do that, as I never sleep as much as I should and this is a way for me to keep track. ¬†On Wednesday my total was 15.75 hours of productivity, and today was 16.5. I always take a look at the chart at the end of the week and smack myself for being too social or not working at all on a particular task when I should have. Basically it’s a physical representation of where all my time goes.

Food Diary:

  • Breakfast: Skipped (again!)
  • Lunch: 8 baked chicken wings, 1 coke
  • Dinner: italian sausage with peppers/onions on a roll, corn
  • Snacks: piece of lemon meringue pie, 1 bite of chocolate frosting, several cups of water


Okay the chocolate thing was a result of watching the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night. Apparently I’m an emotional eater. ¬†I need to lay off the soda. I drank plenty of water yesterday. I need to start eating breakfast so my metabolism can speed up.



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