Crossing Stuff off the List is Awesome

Hey there! So… I’m glad I didn’t make a resolution to post every single day. 100 posts during the year is something I can do, but I’m just not good at posting every day. Glad I pre-empted that! Meanwhile over here in crazy-overwhelmed-land, I’ve been crazy and overwhelmed. For full discretion, I should probably reveal that I’m in graduate school and in a very intense writing/teaching stage, so maybe that will help to justify my lack of posting – at least some of it.

BUT – Just because I’m not posting every day doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up with my list! I have a few things to cross off tonight, and I’m always excited when I do that…

I DID lose weight last week, though not as much as I wanted. I bought a Wii. I bought a flight to the Dominican. I read another book (2000 Years of Mayan Literature), I’ve made some meals at home, I ate at a new restaurant, I’ve been translating some French sources, I completed a home decor project, and I gave more stuff to Goodwill.  ALSO – I’m pretty proud about eating well this week so far. I decided to re-join weight watchers. I really do well with the points system. The last time I lost a bunch of weight, it was because of that.



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2 responses to “Crossing Stuff off the List is Awesome

  1. Spice Jones

    Good for you! I’ve got a few resolutions on the list that I might need to modify but so far so good on this end too. Photos of the Home Decor Project are a must!!!

  2. Great progress! Good for you for re-committing to a plan that worked for you before. Wii is fun!

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