Abstract Sleep and Window Shopping

I was really inspired by a blog I found tonight, so I wanted to share: 

Check out: Runs for Cookies

Today was tough. I was pretty exhausted from not getting enough sleep last night, and it was stressful. I submitted a conference abstract literally one minute before the deadline because internet was flaky in the office, and I spent most of the day wishing I were asleep minus the hour I picked my friend up from a small surgical procedure, a couple of meetings, and two classes… but I did SO much better with food today. I brought my own lunch, had a healthy [but expensive] sushi dinner, included a couple fruits, and managed to avoid most of the sweets I had the opportunity to consume. This evening I went window shopping and managed to avoid spending more than a few dollars.  I’ve spent the evening watching silly TV and thinking about everything I’ll accomplish tomorrow. I’m ready for a good night’s sleep and to start a brand new day… no mistakes in it yet! 🙂






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2 responses to “Abstract Sleep and Window Shopping

  1. Runs for Cookies is one of my SparkPeople friends! She’s a huge inspiration!

  2. Good job with the eating especially since you were tired. Being tired or sick is always my downfall. Sushi is the best! I just has some yesterday.

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