Today’s Food Diary

Food Diary: 

  • Breakfast: half-caf coffee, glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: leftover mardi gras pasta (homemade – 2 servings), 1 cup applesauce
  • Dinner: 2 pcs cheese pizza, 2 pcs crazy bread dipped in marinara, 8 wings
  • Snacks:  2 chocolate cupcakes, sierra mist


I need a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself. These food diaries have made me realize that 80+% of what I eat is either sweet or fried. When did this happen? A few years ago I was vegetarian, then I went vegan, and then I went raw. I never felt better than when I was on a raw diet. I barely ever ate sweets, and when I did it was homemade/dairyless coconut/carob ice cream.  Now it’s like I can’t get enough sweets. I’m not sure when this sudden sweet/fried foods thing happened. Is it possible to be addicted to these things? It’s like I have to unravel my tastebuds, scrape them off, and start introducing them to clean and healthy things all over again.


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One response to “Today’s Food Diary

  1. Here’s a come to Sandi talk… Girlie, you ain’t gonna reach that first goal eatin’ pizza! Pick a diet, stop eating wheat, start eating healthy and SOAR!!! YOU can DO this xoxo

    If you need any inspiration go look at the before and after pics on my blog… 65 pounds in 5 months, you can too 🙂

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