“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” MLK, Jr.

This week, I will…

  • Lose 3 lbs.
  • Practice yoga 2x.
  • Eat fruit every day.
  • Meditate 3x.
  • Walk my dogs.
  • Exercise 3x.
  • Finish 2 books.
  • Make 3 meals at home.
  • Bring Lunch 2x.
  • Give 25 items to goodwill
  • Pay back a friend.
  • Learn the Tibetan alphabet.
  • Start an herb garden.
  • Finish my painting.
  • Buy a ‘how-to’ oil paint book.
  • Plan a weekend backpacking trip.
  • Try one new restaurant.
  • See a movie in a theatre.
  • Spend 30 min training my husky.
  • Complete a home project.
  • Work for 50 hours.
  • Submit an abstract.
  • Register for a conference.

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