Snafu = No More!

I have internet again! Cue regular posts once more! I’m kicking myself for the hang-up!  Okay… so :

Yesterday (Friday) was not the best day to stay on plan. I woke up at 9am after sleeping almost SIXTEEN hours because I hadn’t slept at all for the two days prior. I had a few social eating experiences, which is neither good for my wallet nor my belly. In the evening several friends decided to have a craft night, so I went to Michael’s and bought a blank canvas, some oil paints, and some brushes, and went at it. I had no idea how long it takes those things to dry!! Anyway, I had never painted on a canvas before, nor had I used oils, nor had I ever really drawn anything… so I tried something new, which always makes me happy. I have a bit more to do on it, but I think I’ll post the finished product here. Of course craft night with the girls also means that we consumed several bottles of wine – maybe 7 or 8 between four of us? We were there from 7pm to 3am. Those calories certainly won’t help, either.  BUT… today I’m buying a Wii so I can cross that off my list!

Tomorrow’s weigh-in day number two! I’m anticipating losing a pound or so, but after last night’s debauchery, I’ll be surprised if it’s any more than that. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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One response to “Snafu = No More!

  1. Penny

    Congrads on the Wii. I have one and I so need to start using it :0)
    Good Luck tomorrow! My finger’s are crossed for you!
    You should post the painting. Id like to see it :0)

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