Apartment Renovations, Moldy Cheese, Hibernation, Food Tracking Realizations

I hate my house. Okay – I don’t hate it, but I really dislike it. It has no soul whatsoever. I have two bedrooms, an office, a bathroom, a hallway, a kitchen, and a living room ALL with white walls and ugly white linoleum tile flooring. I can’t alter either of those according to my lease. I rented the place two years ago because it has a GREAT yard for my dogs. The dogs track in dirt EVERY day and I’m constantly having to bleach the floors which just look gross – I can never quite get them looking clean. The walls are soulless. I have too much stuff in the house in general. I can’t have nice furniture because I have a husky who likes to gnaw on anything wood and a pit bull who has is oddly neurotic about licking things. But – I’m almost thirty dammit and I want nice things. I NEED cheap decorating ideas. If you have any, let me know. I can post photos of rooms as I go through them. End Rant.

Okay – so. Today was sort of a continuation of yesterday which means lots of wine consumption. I had to run to the store to prep for a birthday party for 6 people that I’m hosting at a friends’ tomorrow night. Naturally this included silly party things and food. I found a great bottle of Merlot and a beautiful chunk of gorgonzola, along with some brie an brioche… so I brought those things to my friends’ house from last night and we worked on our paintings some more while consuming the edibles.  After several hours of discussing the menu for tomorrow night, we went to another grocery and then I came home, realized my house was cold and messy, and decided to hibernate with my laptop and a space heater in the bedroom for the rest of the evening.  Didn’t buy the Wii today because I was so consumed with party prep that I forgot!

Food Diary: 

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of French Toast, syrup
  • Lunch: 1/4 frozen yogurt, 2 bites of a friend’s churro, 8 McD’s chicken nuggets
  • Dinner: None
  • Snacks:  Lots of red wine, a 20 oz. coke, gorgonzola, brie en brioche (2 slices), a few sun dried tomato crackers, a few samples from Costco


  • What a silly day! EVERYTHING up there is bad for me! I could have done SO much better! Ridiculous! This is what happens when I go for a few days without tracking my foods! I AM proud of myself for telling my partner to put the chocolate chip cookies back on the shelf after she put them in our shopping cart this evening… especially because they were buy 1, get 1 free. I don’t think I had ANY water today… and tomorrow’s weigh in day! All that salt/sugar is not going to bode well in the morning!


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4 responses to “Apartment Renovations, Moldy Cheese, Hibernation, Food Tracking Realizations

  1. How about scatter rugs for the floors? Easier for the dogs to walk on, inexpensive, add warmth and coziness. Good luck at weigh in tomorrow! :0)

  2. Penny

    fingers and everything else crossed for you tomorrow :0)
    This week is going to be a better week for both of us! We can do this :0)

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