Internet Snafu! (6,7)

My net is down for the weekend as something’s wrong with the router, sooooo I missed last night’s post and I’ll likely miss tonight’s and tomorrow’s as well. I’m posting via iPhone so here’s a quick update:

Yesterday I went to a party in the evening and sweat my Lil butt off dancing. I socialized much longer than I should have, but had a blast doing it. Today I haven’t done much except work at the library, and made a few visits to the store. I’ve been doing great on water, okay on food, much better on exercise (tonight I’ll do the elliptical plus either some yoga or my salsa video), and better on sleep. 🙂



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2 responses to “Internet Snafu! (6,7)

  1. Dancing is great exercise! Hope the Internet is back up soon!

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