First sweat of the year! (5)

Today was emotionally draining. That’s the best description I can come up with anyway. Actually it went quite well except I was 15 minutes late to a first class session, which is of course, embarrassing (just to clear up any confusion, I take classes and teach them). Nevertheless, the class went well and I followed it up with a quick lunch with a friend, another course, a long planning meeting which was particularly productive, and a 2.6 mile speed walk around a lake that took a little over an hour (also with friends). I even sweat a little! Then evening came and after dinner at another friend’s house (apparently I was feeling the need to be social?) I went home and the evening blew up into a huge emotionally  drawn out argument with my partner. By 2am we had talked everything out, but gosh I hope this relationship phase ends soon. We’ve been at each others’ throats for a couple months now.  Something’s gotta give.

Thanks for the comments recently. It’s funny – I had a few people (both publicly and privately) comment yesterday about my apparent honesty in these postings. I think it’s important to keep myself accountable for every fallback, even if they might be a bit embarrassing like a few days worth of cupcakes and sloth. The minute I start fudging something is when this experiment is over – it’s when it starts to do me no good at all.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how I keep track of things for myself. I’m a wee bit obsessive-compulsive about time management (even though I’m actually horrible about it) so I keep a chart productivity daily of how many hours I spend per task (I’ve done this for a few years). The tasks on my chart range from sleep to cleaning to facebook to writing to reading to socializing to exercise to teaching, etc etc etc… Notice I keep sleep in there. It’s important for me to do that, as I never sleep as much as I should and this is a way for me to keep track.  On Wednesday my total was 15.75 hours of productivity, and today was 16.5. I always take a look at the chart at the end of the week and smack myself for being too social or not working at all on a particular task when I should have. Basically it’s a physical representation of where all my time goes.

Food Diary:

  • Breakfast: Skipped (again!)
  • Lunch: 8 baked chicken wings, 1 coke
  • Dinner: italian sausage with peppers/onions on a roll, corn
  • Snacks: piece of lemon meringue pie, 1 bite of chocolate frosting, several cups of water


Okay the chocolate thing was a result of watching the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night. Apparently I’m an emotional eater.  I need to lay off the soda. I drank plenty of water yesterday. I need to start eating breakfast so my metabolism can speed up.




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3 responses to “First sweat of the year! (5)

  1. Yup, yup, yup and yup 🙂 LOL You have the tools and you’ll get around to using them. One thing I read (with all the reading about weight psychology) was a very large study that showed that crappy sleep results in weight gain. Especially people who do shift work that includes night shifts. They found nurses that consistently worked the night shift were more obese than their daytime colleagues. I’ve been keeping a rigid sleep cycle since August… I feel totally better… Keep up the good work, you’re getting there and I love your honesty!

    • 101in2012

      Thanks 🙂 Could you recommend any books on weight psych? I’ll catch up on sleep this week and strive for at least 7 hrs per night starting next week. I averaged 5 this week 😦

  2. I watched that Grey’s Anatomy too and I cried (especially over the daughter who lost most of her family!!). Very say and I don’t blame you for eating. 🙂

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