Sleep, Paperbacks, Elie Wiesel, and P90x (1)

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.

— Tennessee Williams

Today did not go as planned, though it’s 8pm and the night is young. My day started off super late. I crawled out of bed this afternoon – probably due to actually going to bed after 5am. I’m one of those unfortunate folks who has this tendency to be pessimistic and see everything in black or white. By that I mean that once something goes wrong with my day, I feel as though I have to wait for a new one to come along in order to make anything of it. This is highly stupid. I don’t recommend it. I need some cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome that.

Meanwhile it was quite a lazy day. I worked on the new bedroom a bit, crossed off #46, spent quite a bit of time adding new books to my wish list at, finished decorating my Carnival tree (pics soon), watched some HBO, ate the obligatory black eyed peas, and  took a bath. It’s pretty pathetic, and not the way I expected today to go. How am I supposed to get this list accomplished with days like this? Hopefully they’ll be few and few between. I’m labeling this hot mess as vacation causality. I’m also fighting off a nasty sinus infection. I go back to work on Wednesday. Thank Buddha.

You’ll notice that a few numbers increased over there (pointing to the top of the list on the righthand side of the page). Yesterday afternoon I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a few items. One of them was a book I’ve been meaning to read: Night by Elie Wiesel. I was fortunate to meet him this past fall, and admittedly, I was probably the only person on the planet who had not heard his name. It’s quite embarassing. Last night after posting here, I read Night from cover to cover. It was short, but quite captivating. This autobiographical sketch narrates the tale of his experiences in concentration camps as a teenage Jew. Of course reading this explains why I had so much trouble falling asleep last night…

I have much to do this evening on the computer and around the house.

Afterthought: I’m considering purchasing P90x, but maybe I should wait until I get a bit more fit first? 

Today’s Food Diary: 

  • Breakfast: coffee (w/ creamer)
  • Lunch: leftover l’il smokies in bbq sauce, shrimp cocktail, water
  • Dinner: black eyed peas & hot smoked sausage, coke
  • Snacks: tbd


  • I need to drink more water and add some veggies.  Too much processed meat today. No exercise. Will try to do some before bed.  Partner took the dogs on a nice walk.  Need to trim my hair & get my nails done- maybe I’ll feel better about myself. Objects in motion stay in motion. 


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13 responses to “Sleep, Paperbacks, Elie Wiesel, and P90x (1)

  1. Tomorrow is another day and this is our year :0)
    One day at a time….that’s all we can do. The water will at least keep you going to the bathroom….so walking to the bathroom is exercise :0). Have a great day 2

  2. Night is a great book. Whenever I’ve taught it, it has a huge impact on my students.
    P90x is supposed to be pretty brutal, from what I’ve heard, and definitely something you’d need to work up to. Maybe you could buy it for yourself as a reward for one month of working out on a regular basis?

  3. I think I over did the veggies today 🙂 SO you can have them tomorrow. You should drink more water today and that in its self will add more exercise. How is that…Well more trips to the bathroom LOL
    I think you just may want to add some food to your breakfast…just a thought. This is our year and change is all we have…Don’t think of it as a wasted day, the body does have to rest. So pull on your shoes tomorrow and walk the dog :0)

  4. I bought the P90X… and watched a couple of the videos to see how brutal they are. Yeah…… I’m waiting for another 10-20 pounds to drop & my cardio improvement before I jump into ’em. Even my hubby (who’s in pretty good shape) thinks they look difficult.
    Take a look at Body Groove Delicious Dance ( It’s gotten some really good reviews over on SparkPeople & looks like a lot of fun. I bought it and it got delivered on Saturday… but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I also bought her original BodyGroove set (on Amazon) to try out. I’m hoping to do a round of it tomorrow… I’ll let ya know what I think. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • 101in2012

      I have several “fit” friends who did P90X all summer and they said it kicked their asses. I love Spark! I’ll check out the Body Groove dance thingy… thanks! I’ll look forward to your review!

  5. I know its weird and a bit of a cop-put but I don’t consider the first day of resolutions to be until the second. Too much recuperating to do from the 31st o the 1st. Tomorrow is a new day, you can do it 🙂

  6. Yeah, I think the P90X would kick my ass, too! I’d set a weight goal and then buy it… Tomorrow is a new day 🙂
    P.s. Is that full fat Coke you drank? Xoxo

  7. I’m contemplating P90X or Insanity as well. They seem pretty daunting but I know that to create the transformative change I’m after, I’m going to have to take drastic action. My brother did it and his body changed dramatically. I told him about my aspiration and also that I felt like I’d probably only be able to complete like 5 minutes of the video. But I’m really struggling with cardiovascular capacity and need to find a way to kick start my body into adapting better. My brother told me, “Do your best, and forget the rest.” Since when did he become a motivational speaker? Well anyways, it got me to thinking…5 minutes is better than 0 minutes. If 5 minutes is all I can do, it is all I can do. Making it to 10 minutes will be an accomplishment. I think sometimes I want to just be able to do it all at once, but life doesn’t work that way. There is no “free lunch” – every choice has prices and benefits. You know what, I think I just talked myself into doing this….even if I can only do 5 minutes today, I will be able to do 6 minutes tomorrow. If this is my starting point, this is my starting point. So be it.

  8. I’m a little late on replying to this post – but finding a workout program you love is a great idea. I think that any of the beachbody programs are great (I am a beachbody coach so i like the products), but if you are just starting out have you thought about something like TurboJam? It’s amazing…and when you get the grove of that, you can kick it up a knotch and do TurboFIRE. I teach Turbokick (the fitness class version at the gym) once a week and it’s an amazing workout that allows you to modify things really easily and then you can push yourself once you start getting more fit and more comfortable with all the moves. let me know if you have questions – i know a lot of stuff about those different programs!


  9. “… pessimistic and see everything in black or white” is me too!
    As an added kicker to the above – if something goes wrong (or is not optimal) then it is all my fault. For example, an overcast, damp and/or rainy day when I had planned on hanging clean laundry out on the clothesline to dry … my fault.

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